Warranty (RMA) Support – INDIA

Please complete the form below if you are having problem or require technical assistance with our products.
You can also call in to our Service Center at the number stated below, between 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays), to register for RMA.  Alternatively, you can reach us at the below email ID as well.

Delhi Service Center : +91 11 4106 8675
Warranty Support : rmaindia@strontium.biz
Tech Support : techsupport@strontium.biz
Our Service Centers are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Please refer below guide for Part number and Serial number information of different products

Memory Modules (Strontium & EVM) – Part number and Serial number can be found on top of the sticker on the modules.
USB Flash Drives – Part Number can be found on the metal of the USB. Serial Number is the 5 digit number on the USB metal.
MicroSD & SD cards – Part Number and Serial Number is the same and can be found on the back side of the product itself.

*For registering your purchase, please type in PRODUCT REGISTRATION above

Disclaimer :
Not all smartphones or tablets comes with full OTG support. Only certain brands open up certain or part of the OTG support, to fit their supporting product purposes. Thus, certain models of their product might or might not support OTG USB drives. Or, if they do support, some of them will feel more “hot” than some others. This is mainly because they open up this OTG feature mainly to support their own accessories and the heating effect will pass on to the OTG USB drives as well.