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A missed flight, 5 hours of sipping coffee, and a whole lot of passion.

These formed the beginnings of what is today known as Strontium.


Over the past years, there has been a tremendous leap in technology. Technology is constantly changing and improving, to help us with our daily responsibilities. These advancements have changed from computers to smartphones. Now with everyone always rushing for time, technology has helped us in managing our time effectively. Now that we all have smartphones and tablets, we are able to do our work on the go. We literally have the internet in our hands. Therefore, we all have to keep ourselves updated with technology. This is important because we would not want to be left behind in the race.
These days, people are always busy. They all have a tight schedule. There are some terms and products that are needed to actually help us in pace with the technology growth. Being busy with work, we often require tons of space for our work documents. Since there are external storage devices available nowadays, people will always look for affordable and long lasting storage devices. A USB drive is the most common external storage device that is used to transfer files or store files for future use. There will be times when a USB drive reaches its limit; there will be insufficient space for more documents or photos. Therefore, memory cards and external hard disks are used for storage as well. Memory cards, commonly known as SD cards and MicroSD cards are able to store more than a USB flash drive. Micro SD cards and SD cards comes in different capacities to suit everyone’s needs
We, here at Strontium are experts in providing these products for our customers, with a team of experts who are well equipped with skills to help you with your technological needs. We offer products and services such as; Memory cards (MicroSD Cards, SD Cards, UHS-1 cards), USB drives, OTG Drives, iDrive, SSD drives, laptop memory, desktop memory and even EVM memory. With one of the best customer service, we will assure you that our products are of the highest quality and will strive to meet your every demand.